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“Essential: a masterpiece of progressive rock music”
Painter was rated on average as 4.33/5 stars.
“I highly recommend Sculpture to anyone who... is looking for new engaging music to sink their teeth into”.
Sculpture was reviewed by “Rune 2000” from this progressive rock music site and given 4/5 stars. It was also given the following ratings by 6 other reviewers: 5/5 stars x2, 4/5 stars x4


“One of the most promising combinations … is still BaK”.
Chilean reviewer Miguel Ramirez did a review in June 2012, and ranked ‘Painter’ as 8/10.
“Highly original music … the final result we applaud with excitement”.
Chilean reviewer Miguel Ramirez did a review in August 2011, and ranked ‘Sculpture’ as 10/10.


“The use of the elements (from) the Middle East is very authentic”
Sculpture received 7 rankings:
    • 6x 5 stars (Highly recommended)
    • 1x 3 stars (ok)
With several comments referring to the “Middle East” flavour.


Digital / Online Compliation – “Combat Nasal”
In January 2012 (after an extensive selection process involving a review by several members of Combat Nasal) BaK was contacted by Arnaud Strobl of ‘Combat Nasal’ (and Hard Rock Magazine – France), to request the inclusion of Bak’s Sculpture track ‘Pay’ for volume 5 of the Combat Nasal Digital / Online Compilation. Volume 5 has now been released and contains 19 tracks from different bands worldwide and is available for free download at the site. “About” Combat Nasal Commenced at the end of 2010 from an idea by several French music reviewers to find the “best of the international bands found on the web. Combat Nasal delivers a 100% non profit digital compilation staring a dozen of the best bands around”. Five digital compilations have been released to date.
“Painter… so damn good that your glued to its last notes”
In August 2012 Painter was reviewed by ‘Dead’ and was given a rating of 4/5
“The traditional music passages are amazing, the riffs are well done and the melodies are incredible … – I hope that YOU are listening to this gem.”
In June 2012 reviewer “Pamalach” gave ‘Painter’ a 15.5 / 20
“This is the kind of EP that makes you wonder how you lived until you have listened to it. Painter is the music for which we get up for every morning”
In May 2012 Cyril Glaume wrote a rave review giving ‘Painter’ a 9.5 / 10. Furthermore in August 2012 Cyril Glaume posted an extensive online interview with BaK on the ‘Painter’ Read the Full Interview here
“… dark atmospheres and dynamic passages accented by progressive metal solos … - I want my painted BAK”
Reviewer Blytch did a review in June 2012
“(Painter) an EP colourful and warm”
In May 2012 the reviewer “Matai” gave Painter a rating of 13/20
“The group does not skimp on the means and offers an incrediably believeable fresco – a rich, radiant instrumentation.”
In August 2012 Sculpture was reviewed by ‘Dead’ and was given a rating of 8/10
“take the time to listen more to Bak … A favourite of this year”
In April 2011 in a general article on Australian popular music called “Made in Australia: a detailed review was made of the album Sculpture.
“… unusual, rich & exotic for all fans of the genre and for those who wish to discover new horizons.”
In April 2012 Matai gave Sculpture a rating of 16/20
“Sculpture is a delight … A fascinating journey into the wide world”
In November 2011 Momit gave Sculpture a rating of 19/20


“With Painter Bak reinforce their status as a unique entity of Prog Rock and Metal with eastern vocals and appropriate mysticism … Ethno-Prog”
Bak was reviewed by Andreas Schiffmann in November 2012.
“… this gift of inspiration and musical skills…”
Andreas Torneberg wrote a further review in July 2012 with an overall rating of 7.5 / 10 Furthermore in December 2012 Andreas posted an extensive online interview with Bak – “Entertaining to say the least”
"Scores and Rock-sweat, ... uproar, desert sand and opera – that is all BAK, a discovery for prog-eclectics.”
Bak was reviewed by Andreas Schiffmann in November 2012 and given a rating of 12/15.
“Worth listening to”.
Bak was listed in the Progressive section of “Music albums from 2011 worth listening to”.
“An unbelievable talented project…. remarkable and wonderful music..”
Reviewer, Andreas Torneberg wrote a review in August 2011 with an overall rating of 8.5 / 10


Painter is Ranked #489/1000 in Top EP’s for 2012
Painter is Ranked #489/1000 in Top EP’s for 2012 and received an average rating of 3.25/5 (from 9 ratings). Painter also received 9 reviews (2.5 stars x2, 3 stars x 2, 3 1/2 stars x4 and 4 stars x1)
Sculture Ranked #780/1000 in Top Albums of 2011
'Sculpture’ was Ranked #780/1000 in Top Albums of 2011 and received an average rating of 3.52/5 (from 42 ratings). Sculpture also received 5 reviews (0 stars x1, 3 1/2 stars x 1, 3 stars x1, 4 stars x1 and 5 stars x1)
“25 Best of 2011 Albums”
Sculpture was listed 3rd in the “25 Best of 2011 Albums”.


“is on the threshold of a great album”
450+ views on 1 comment  as at April 2012
“the album is really smart / Gorgeous debut”
In January 2011 Sculpture had 13 comments and has received 2000+ views to April 2012
“Best Rock & Metal albums of 2011”.
Sculpture was ranked number 6 in the top 10 “Best Rock & Metal albums of 2011”.
“… this interesting group (from Australia) … I recommend”.
‘Sculpture’ was reviewed in January 2011.
5/5 stars
In January 2011 and July 2011 two reviewers from this site rated the album Sculpture as 4/5 & 5/5 starsrespectively (plus an overall 1900+ views/ hits on the reviews).
Metal Fisha Interview
As a result of receiving a copy of our debut album ‘Sculpture’, in February 2011 Metal Fisha conducted an extensive written question based interview.


“One of the great discoveries of 2011...”
In December 2011 the album Sculpture was reviewed and rated as a 10/10. In August 2012 the album Sculpture was ranked # 3 out of 25 in the “best of 2011 Albums”
“great from start to finish … so well done mix of different styles … recommended”
In March 2011 Sculpture was reviewed.
“This album is great from start to finish”.
Sculpture was reviewed in February 2011 and given a ranking of 4.5 from 5


#55 from 100
Sculpture was ranked #55 from 100 in daily rock chart
“Australian Progressive Metal … Outstanding!”
In January 2012 under “Staff’s Top Picks for 2011”, Scott ranked Sculpture in his “Best Albums of 2011” as #13 from 58.
“This one is a riveting slice of music that knows no bounds … It is easily on my best of list and should be on yours too..”
American based reviewer Scott Ward extensively reviewed ‘Sculpture’ in April 2010 with very favourable and detailed comments and overall rating of 4 ½ / 5 stars. In May 2011, this review was followed up with an telephone interview between BaK and Scott Ward.