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Bak (the name means “servant” in Ancient Egyptian) was chief royal sculptor during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten (c. 1353 BC). His father (Men) held the same position under Akhenaten’s father Amenhotep 111.


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Bak the name, in the Art world is also representative of a metaphysical and figurative style of painting as particularly relating to Samuel Bak who is a painter, writer and Holocaust survivor. More

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BaK's latest release is the 4 track EP – ‘PAINTER’. Since the release of our debut album, ‘Sculpture’, we have continued to explore the boundaries of progressive rock... More

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 1962 was an eventful year: The Beatles would release their first single; the Ranger 4 spacecraft crashed into the moon; the first Wal-Mart store opened for business and Brazil defeated Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the FIFA World Cup. Most importantly however, the entity known purely as BaK would transpire…

…Two explorers. One mission: reach the North Pole purely on a diet of vodka and Spam sandwiches. Disaster struck however, as the mission was called off on day three when it was noted that a month’s supply of vodka had gone ‘missing’ and the explorers had collapsed – being unintelligible and incapable of walking straight. A mothering polar bear dragged the explorers into an abandoned cavern containing a small supply of food, a guitar and drum kit on which they would learn their craft.

After four intensive days in the cavern, the pair would embark on a 48 year journey around planet earth, forging friendships, assimilating cultures and absorbing differing styles of music en route. These friendships have since evolved into musical collaborations as expansive as their journey, helping forge a sound unlike any yet heard. Prepare yourself because once you go in, you never go BaK…



A melting pot of musical styles, BaK is rock opera infused with eastern scales, Arabic melodies and heavy metal attitude.  Musical contributions from members of Symphony Orchestra’s and ethnic musicians have helped create BaK’s music.