This is the soundtrack to the Flower world of Baklandia, named after the Bak orchid, found in the deepest depths of the Amazonian jungle. The Bakpak opens with the lead track Too Soon , then leads into a two part series of Life & Perception, then closes in a middle-eastern frenzy with Dasha Hara.

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About Bak

BaK are an intricate fusion of progressive rock and strong ethnic themes - ‘ethno prog’. Like Tool doing a tribute to Disney’s Aladdin! BAK however boldly lay the middle eastern theme to their music on very thick. A lot of the music is predominantly traditional middle eastern with a haunting, eerie vocal, and a rock section is occasionally brought in and out as the feature. It’s unique, interesting, and hypnotic, not to mention exceptionally delivered. The composition and musicianship of this band are on an entirely different level

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